Marianne Graber

Meet Marianne Graber

Hey there, I’m Mari, a passionate holistic therapist and a curious spirit. I love learning about life and human behavior, we are such intriguing creatures! There is so much potential in this world, but too many of us don’t see how amazing they are and how exceptional life is.

Certified Theta Healing Therapist, Life Coach, Quantum Being, Reiki, Crystal Healing

My calling is to help people reconnect with themselves and to the world around them so they can experience a life of purpose, love and fulfillment.

My practice has a special approach as it is the result of an unique blend of the techniques I have learnt, combined with the beautiful essential oils to support myself and my clients physical and emotional healing process.

So if you’re ready to take control of your life and feel empowered and alive, let’s chat!

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M: +61 452 399 844


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